As my desire is to create a webpage for my business I was looking for something that would help me improve the look of a WordPress site. Wordpress does have a lot of different templates to choose from, however the drawback is that each template can only be customized to a small degree. After some searching, I found Lubith.com with high hopes of fixing this problem. The website’s sole purpose is to making WordPress websites almost fully customizable.  No longer would I have to put up with the bonds of unyielding WordPress themes.  But could this site deliver the results I was looking for?


Luckily for me, I quickly found some sites that used Lubith to spice up their websites. The results ranged from “Ok that looks nice” all the way to “Yeah!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about”.  Here is a link to a gallery of websites using Lubith.   Also below is a screen shot of a design that I thought was very nice.

As you can see the style in this example was beautiful.  It tells its viewer to sit back, relax, have some tea and enjoy the site.  Much better than the standard WordPress templates that seem to yell, “Sit Down.  I’ve Got Something To Tell You!!”  With Lubith I was excited to take this program for a spin around the WordPress block.


Here is where things start to cloud up in my hopes for WordPress paradise.  After creating a login and password, I found my first stumbling block.  In order for Lubith.com to work, your WordPress site needs to be on your own hosting site.  For most people this would be completely understandable.  Most people would realize that in order to change the theme so dramatically, you would first have to take it out of the WordPress.com hands.  I, however, only started WordPress about 5 days ago, so I was pretty disappointed.  Coming to this conclusion, I vowed I would research what it would take to move my site on its own.  A daunting task for someone who has no idea what that means. (Its probably simple.  Most likely some button I have yet to find. . . Lynda.com, here I come!)


The second problem I found was the website tutorial on how to use the product.  With no audio on the one video tutorial they had, it made figuring out the program hard to understand.  With a title of “Creating a WordPress Theme in 7 Min.” I expected at least an explanation.  Instead I found it more annoying that no one was telling me what was happening.  (Note to teachers: Showing is great if only followed by explanation.) Getting past this, I moved on to designing the site myself.


With each person’s login activated, you can now practice on a dummy site on the web using Lubith’s tools.  This is where all the magic can happen. With excitement I jumped in with both feet. As you can see from the picture to the right the Lubith tool bar is very simple and with practice can easily change your website.  The question now is what will you change it into.  This is where I ran into another potential problem.  All of the examples used picture to enhance each of the areas.  This is not a problem as long as you know how to use Photoshop or similar picture editor, and you know how big you want each canvas to be. The problem is that there is no explanation as to how large each of the sections is.  This can of course be overlooked with trial and error on pixel sizes.  I however want each of my parts to line up perfectly and so need exact measurements to work with.  For the most part, however, I am very excited to see where I can take this program in conjunction with the easy accessibility of WordPress.


It was once said that you get what you pay for.  Well I found that to be true when I found the cleverly hidden fee button in the “More Theme Box”.  If you want to have more than one theme you are out of luck unless your willing to put out some money.  Also if you fine you don’t like an edit you made and want to go back to a previous version you made, you had better hope it is within those 7 days from you last save or your out of luck.  But don’t worry for those rolling in money there several solutions. Here is your list of option.

As I did not see a place for begging I chose to go with the free site and live with the limitations.  I look forward to using the full power of Lubith when I figure out how to set up a WordPress on my own hosting site.  Until then good luck and God Bless.

About Tobar Multimedia Productions

We are a christian based company dedicated to multimedia products to help individuals find hope in Jesus Christ.
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3 Responses to BP2_Lubith

  1. Josh_Neill says:

    Thomas, I agree that being able to customize your blog or website can really make the experience that much more personal and engaging. Customization can be applied broadly by using templates, and when I created my WordPress blog accounts I really wanted that extra degree of control to make it mine. I appreciate you taking the time to summarize your experience with Lubith, because I originally glossed over it wondering if it could be an effective tool. It seems like it wasn’t as comprehensive as you hoped, but maybe a paid subscription could get you those few extra features that make it easier to use. I was curious as to how much time it took to create the sample themes they provided. I’ve noticed more websites that use WordPress now, and I wonder how many of them use templates or design their own. I started watching the tutorial for WordPress on Lynda.com, but I need to finish it to really see how much control the everyday user has over WordPress templates without having to spend any money. I noticed that WordPress can use CSS templates, and there are many programs that create those. I was able to make some very simple adjustments to my blog theme using custom images, and that alone was enough to keep me happy for now. Ultimately, I think it’s important to remember, it’s not the design that determines the quality of your blog, it’s the content. The design can definitely be the hook that draws people in though.

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  3. judy says:

    I agree, what i dissapointment. Why do they HIDE the fees and conditions and not be upfront with how their system actually works. Being new to using blogs, i was also looking tutorials on how to edit and change themes when i came across Lubith, and their FREE offer. Then too, after watching the “7 min to install” video and logging in I realised it was not as easy as they proclaim, it will probably take me 7 days to figure it all out. And that brings me to the biggest dissapointment, after 7 days we basically lose all our hard work if we are not quick enough. I don’t understand why they dont allow the FREE version to remain free and we pay for the upgrades. If i was creating lots of blogs a day/week or month, then yes, the monthly subscriptions may be the answer but for someone who only needs a blog now and then this is not the real answer.

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